Registering an Agency on Poppo Live

Welcome to the exciting opportunity of becoming an agency on Poppo Live! If you’re looking to join a dynamic platform that allows you to manage and cultivate talents in the live streaming world, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll find everything you need to start your journey as an agency, from initial registration to advanced management of your hosts. Right next, you can see a vibrant visual capturing the essence of being part of Poppo Live.

Read on to discover the benefits, the step-by-step process, and how you can maximize your success on Poppo Live.

Why Join Poppo Live?

Joining Poppo Live as an agency offers a unique opportunity to be part of a live streaming platform that’s revolutionizing how people connect and share content around the world. Here are some reasons why you should consider joining as an agency:

  • Technological Innovation: Poppo Live uses advanced technology to ensure smooth and high-quality streams, allowing agencies to offer the best live content experience to their audience.
  • Monetization Opportunities: The platform provides an attractive commission structure for agencies, allowing them to earn between 4% and 20% in performance-based commissions, representing a robust and scalable income source.
  • Growth and Expansion: Being part of Poppo Live opens the door to countless opportunities in the growing online entertainment market, allowing agencies to expand their reach and increase their influence in the industry.
  • Dedicated Support: Poppo Live offers comprehensive support to agencies, from technical assistance to strategic advice, ensuring effective and efficient host management.
  • Global Community: By joining Poppo Live, agencies connect with a global community of hosts and other agencies, enriching the experience through collaboration and mutual learning.
  • Ease of Use: The platform is designed to be intuitive and easy to manage, ensuring that the daily management of agency activities is simple and straightforward.

Consider joining Poppo Live today and transform your passion for streaming into an exciting and profitable business adventure. To learn more about how these benefits can transform your business and increase your income, read about the benefits of being an agent on Poppo Live.

How to Register Your Agency on Poppo Live

Joining Poppo Live as an agency is a simple and straightforward process that opens the door to numerous growth and monetization opportunities. Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can get started and make the most of the commissions ranging from 4% to 20% through the use of the app.

Download the Poppo App

  • Download the App: To start using Poppo Live, download the app from your preferred platform. Choose between:

Create a user account when you open the app and make sure to register all the necessary details. This account will provide you with an ID number (POPPO ID), crucial for the following steps.

Complete the Registration Form

  1. Log in to the App: Once your account is active, log in and go to the settings section to get your POPPO ID.
  2. Visit the Agency Registration Link: Access the “Become a Poppo Agent” link and complete the online form by providing your POPPO ID.
  3. Verification: Press the “Get” button to request a verification code, which you will receive through messages or notifications within the app.
  4. Complete the Registration: Enter the received code and click “Submit” to finalize the registration process.

Registration Confirmation

Once the registration process is complete, you will receive a confirmation and officially become a Poppo agent, equipped with all the necessary tools to effectively manage your agency on the platform.

Managing Your Agency on Poppo Live

Discover how you can efficiently manage your agency on Poppo Live. Learn more about accessing the control panel and linking hosts and agents to maximize your performance and operational efficiency.

Access the Control Panel

Poppo Live offers a convenient control panel for managing your agency. From this panel, you can easily track and analyze the performance of your streaming hosts and invited agencies, as well as view the commissions earned. There are two ways to access this valuable information:

  • From the Poppo App: Log in to your Poppo user account on your mobile device and go to the “Agent” section in the app menu. Here, you will find the complete control panel that Poppo provides for managing your agency.
  • From the Web: Visit the Poppo login page. Log in with your APP ID, which is your user or Poppo ID, and follow the steps to receive and confirm a verification code. This will allow you to access the control panel from any internet-connected device.

Linking Hosts and Agents

To strengthen your agency, you will need to link hosts and potentially other agents. Poppo Live offers flexible methods for this:

  • Add Hosts via the Poppo App: Instruct your hosts to download the app, register, and log in.
    1. Then, they must access the “My Agency” menu and select “Method 1”, where they will enter your agent ID number. This method facilitates the direct and efficient connection between the agency and the hosts, ensuring fluid and centralized management of streaming activities.
Screenshot showing the method to link hosts in the Poppo Live app using the Agency menu
Go to the “My Agency” menu in the Poppo Live app and select “Method 1” to link hosts by entering the provided Agent ID.
  • Add Hosts Manually from the App: If you prefer a more direct approach to linking hosts to your agency, you can ask hosts to provide you with their “User ID” and “Host Code.” Once you have this data:
    1. Log in to your Poppo account and navigate to the “Add Host” menu option.
    2. Enter the host details: Here you can enter the User ID and Host Code to link the host to your agency effectively.
Screenshot of entering host ID and code in Poppo Live for agency linking
Entering the User ID and Host Code in the Poppo Live application to link a host to the agency.
  • Process for Hosts to Provide their Host ID and Host Code: Hosts will need to access their profile within the Poppo app to find and send you their necessary information:
    1. Access Profile: The host must log into the Poppo app and access their personal profile.
    2. Finding Information: Within your profile, you can find your “User ID” and “Host Code” usually located in the settings or account information section.
    3. Send Details: Once this information is obtained, the host must send it to you directly so that you can proceed with the linking.
Screenshot showing how to access user profile in Poppo Live app
Hosts accessing their profile to obtain the User ID and Host Code on Poppo Live.

This approach ensures that all necessary data is collected correctly and that the linking process is handled efficiently and securely.

Invite New Agents

Inviting New Agents: Expanding your network is essential for the growth of your agency. Poppo offers an efficient tool to invite new agents through a specialized link, making their incorporation easier and allowing you to benefit from the commissions derived from their activities. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Access the Agent Section: Log in to your Poppo account and go to the “Agent” section.
  2. Find and Copy the Invitation Link: Locate the “Invite Agent” option and copy the provided link.
  3. Share the Link: You can share this link via email, social media, or any other digital means. This allows you to recruit new agents efficiently and quickly expand your network.
Screenshot demonstrating how to invite new agents in Poppo Live, showing the invitation link and sharing options
Process of inviting new agents on Poppo Live using a specialized link that can be shared on multiple digital platforms.

Benefits of Being an Agent on Poppo Live

As an agency on Poppo Live, you not only manage hosts but also gain financial benefits from the activities of the agents you have invited. This business model allows you to create an extensive network of agents and hosts, maximizing your income and growth opportunities on the platform.

Agency Commission Rate

Understand how the commissions you earn as an agency are structured and how these can be withdrawn. For more details on withdrawal procedures and how to maximize your earnings, visit our section on withdrawal methods for earnings on Poppo.

Poppo Live offers a tiered commission structure that rewards the performance and activity of its agents and hosts. Below are the commission levels you can achieve as an agent:

LevelRequired PointsLive %Match and Chat %
D≥ 04%4%
C≥ 2,000,0008%8%
B≥ 10,000,00012%12%
A≥ 50,000,00016%16%
S≥ 100,000,00020%20%
This table details the commission levels accessible to agencies based on the points accumulated over a 30-day period. ‘Live’ commissions correspond to earnings from live streams, while ‘Match and Chat’ relate to income generated through interactions on the platform. These percentages highlight Poppo Live’s design to motivate and reward agencies and hosts, thus fostering optimized performance and benefits.

Commissions are calculated based on the total earnings from the last 30 days, including those of the hosts and invited agents. It is important to note that if an agent has been inactive or blocked for at least 7 days, their commissions will not be counted. The commission is issued in real-time to the points account.

Methods for Withdrawing Earnings on Poppo

To withdraw your earnings from Poppo Live, follow these steps:

  1. Access the ‘Points’ section in the Poppo app.
  2. Select ‘Withdraw now’ or ‘Add a payment method’ depending on the interface. On iOS devices, this option only appears if you have accumulated $10 USD (100,000 Poppo points) or more in your account. For Android users, the option is available without a minimum in the account.
  3. Choose your country of residence and select the most suitable withdrawal method. Available methods include:
    • Binance (BEP20)
    • Epay
    • Payoneer
    • USDT-TRC20
    • Other local methods depending on the location, such as direct bank transfers in certain countries.
  4. Verify the minimum allowable amount for withdrawals, which is $10 USD (equivalent to 100,000 Poppo points).
  5. It is recommended to use the Binance platform through the BNB Smart Chain (BEP20) network for efficient and secure withdrawals.
Withdrawal method selection process in Poppo Live showing options such as Epay, Binance and Payoneer.
Screenshot showing the different withdrawal method options available on Poppo Live, including details on fees and arrival times.

Withdrawal Rules on Poppo Live

When withdrawing your earnings on Poppo Live, it is important to keep the following rules in mind to ensure secure and efficient transactions:

  • Minimum and Maximum Amount: The minimum amount for withdrawal is $10, while the maximum amount per transaction is $20,000.
  • Exchange Rate: Points can be converted to real money at an exchange rate currently set at 10,000 points equivalent to $3580.00.
  • Service Fee: A service fee of 1.50% is applied to the amount to be withdrawn.
  • Additional Restrictions:
    • Platform coins cannot be withdrawn.
    • Service fees may vary depending on the selected payment method; make sure to select the method that best suits your needs.

Agency Rules and Regulations

Poppo Live establishes clear rules and regulations to ensure a fair and professional environment for all its agents:

  • Spam Prohibition: Recruiting new members through spam is strictly prohibited. Offenders will be permanently blocked.
  • Third-Party Promotion: The promotion of third-party platforms is prohibited.
  • Relationship with Hosts: Agents are expected to maintain a positive and active relationship with hosts, helping them improve the quality and quantity of their streams.
  • Agency Dismissal: Agencies with fewer than 5 active hosts who do not meet a minimum of 6 hours of streaming will be dismissed.
  • Agency Change: Agency changes must be approved and may require assistance from customer support, especially if the host wishes to change without the agent’s consent.

Account Security and Data Protection on Poppo Live

  • Advanced Data Protection: On Poppo Live, the security of user accounts and the protection of personal data are priorities. We use advanced server infrastructures located in Singapore, designed to ensure maximum security.
  • Restricted and Controlled Access: We implement strict internal controls to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to sensitive information. This helps prevent unauthorized access and ensures the integrity and confidentiality of our users’ data.
  • Compliance with Security Standards: All personal data managed by Poppo Live is processed and stored following high-security standards. Additionally, we exclusively collaborate with third parties who strictly comply with our data protection policies, ensuring that your information is always protected and treated with the utmost care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you will find answers to the most common questions about Poppo Live. Use the links to jump directly to the answer you need:

  1. Where can I find live customer support for Poppo?
  2. What is the Poppo agent ID?
  3. What is the minimum withdrawal amount for Poppo agents?
  4. Why don’t I see the “Add a payment method” option on my iPhone?
  5. Why isn’t the commission from my invited agents adding up?
  6. Can I recruit streaming hosts from any country?
  1. Where can I find live customer support for Poppo?

    To get live support from Poppo, navigate to the “Help” menu within Poppo Live. Select the relevant category for your query. If your question is unique, select “My Feedback” and then “Submit a Request.” Describe your problem in detail and attach a photo if necessary. Responses are usually provided within 24 hours.

  2. What is the Poppo agent ID?

    The Poppo agent ID is the user ID assigned when creating an active agency account within the Poppo app. It is necessary to perform operations and manage the agency within the platform.

  3. What is the minimum withdrawal amount for Poppo agents?

    The minimum withdrawal amount for agents on Poppo is $10 USD. All withdrawal requests must be made in multiples of $10.

  4. Why don’t I see the “Add a payment method” option on my iPhone?

    On iOS devices, the “Add a payment method” option only appears if you have accumulated at least $10 USD (100,000 Poppo points) in your account. This policy ensures that only users with sufficient funds for a withdrawal see and use the withdrawal option. If you have less than 100,000 points and are looking to withdraw or manage your earnings, we recommend accumulating the minimum required points. For more details on how to proceed once the minimum amount is reached, visit our section on Withdrawal Methods for Earnings on Poppo.

  5. Why isn’t the commission from my invited agents adding up?

    Commissions from your invited agents will add up to your account only if you are at a higher level than them. For example, if you are at level B and your invited agent is at level C, you will receive a commission. If both are at the same level, no commission will be generated.

  6. Can I recruit streaming hosts from any country?

    Yes, Poppo is a global platform available in over 150 countries and translated into more than 14 languages, making it easy to recruit hosts from a wide range of geographic regions.


Joining Poppo Live as an agency represents an exceptional opportunity for those interested in diving into the live streaming industry and capitalizing through commissions. The process is straightforward: from downloading the app and registering to daily management through the control panel. Agencies have the necessary tools to monitor and improve the performance of both their hosts and invited agents.

The potential for expansion and income generation is considerable, thanks to the ability to link hosts and recruit new agents. Commissions, which vary based on total earnings, allow agencies to maximize their income as they develop a robust network of sub-agencies.

It is crucial to adhere to Poppo’s regulations to maintain positive relationships with hosts and ensure compliance with platform policies. Agencies can also benefit from flexible options for withdrawing their earnings, as long as the established minimum amounts are respected.

In summary, establishing an agency on Poppo Live is an excellent way to take advantage of opportunities in the live streaming arena, offering not only customer support and a user-friendly interface but also significant growth potential. This is your chance to be part of an expanding community and enjoy the multiple benefits that Poppo Live has to offer.

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