Niki Live Agency Guide: Registration and Commissions

Becoming a Niki Live Agency

In summary, Niki Live is a live streaming app or platform, available for download on Android and iOS devices and is popular worldwide. If you want to register an agency and recruit talented streamers and earn commissions for it, please click on the following link and complete the registration form.

The first step to complete the form will be to open or download the app, create a user account in order to Enter the Niki Live ID.

Apply to be a niki live agent

How to Add New Hosts and Streamers to Your Agency

Kindly ask your new host to please download the Niki Live app from their mobile device and create a new user account, then ask for their ID number and link it to your Niki Live agency account.

adding new hosts or streamer to your niki live agency
Niki Live Agency Guide: Registration and Commissions 4

Next, ask your hostess to accept the invitation requested by your agency. To do this, tell her to go to the messages or notifications menu to accept it.

Benefits of Inviting Niki Live Sub-Agencies

By copying the link and inviting new agents to niki live, both of you can enjoy the performance of that agent, in short, you will earn commissions on their earnings.

invite niki live sub-agencies
Niki Live Agency Guide: Registration and Commissions 5

Guidelines on Agency Commission

  1. Every Niki Live agency is empowered to add agents of various strata and benefits from the commissions coming from the earnings of the immediate lower-level agents. The commission structure for agents follows the same standard set for the agencies themselves.
  2. The agency status and the percentage applied to commissions vary depending on the total revenue obtained by the agency in the current week.
  • Agency total revenue = Sum of all presenters’ revenue plus the revenue of agents from all levels.
  • These revenues include: gifts and game earnings (only if collected by the space administrator), voice and video call revenue; mission awards or promotional activities on the platform are not taken into account.
  • Conversion of earnings to virtual currency: Every 10,000 units of the virtual currency is equivalent to $1.

The income from agency commissions is divided into two main categories:

a. Presenter performance commission: Corresponds to the percentage of the agency’s commission for the current week multiplied by the presenter’s earnings in that same week.

b. Initial level agents’ performance commission: The current percentage of the agency’s commission minus the initial level agents’ commission percentage, applied to the total earnings of those agents in the current week.

Procedure for Calculating Commissions

  1. Niki live agency commissions are deposited weekly into the agency administrator’s digital wallet in virtual currency form, every Monday. The administrator can convert these virtual funds into cash through the app. If Monday is a holiday, the deposit is moved to the following business day.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Niki Live?

Niki Live is a live streaming platform that allows users from around the world to share content and connect in real-time. It is available for Android and iOS devices.

How can I become a Niki Live affiliated agency?

To become an agency, you need to register using the registration form and follow the steps outlined in the “Becoming a Niki Live Agency” section of our website.

What are the benefits of adding new hosts and streamers to my agency?

By adding new hosts and streamers, your agency can grow in prestige and potentially increase earnings through commissions from their activities within the platform.

What commission can I expect as an affiliated agency?

Commissions vary depending on the agency’s level of revenue and can range from 4% to 20%. For more details, check out the “Guidelines on Agency Commission” section.

When and how are commissions paid?

Commissions are deposited weekly into the agency administrator’s digital wallet every Monday, or the next business day if Monday is a holiday. These earnings are in virtual currency form and can be converted to cash through the app.

How can I add a new host to my agency?

Ask the host to download the Niki Live app and create an account. Then, enter their ID in your agency panel to link them.

Can I invite sub-agencies under my Niki Live agency?

Yes, you can invite sub-agencies, and both can benefit from the commissions generated by the sub-agency.

Conclusion and Opportunities in Other Streaming Apps

Exploring the world of Niki Live as an affiliated agency allows for growth in the live entertainment industry by expanding talent networks and increasing revenue through a commission system. Opportunities extend beyond Niki Live, encompassing platforms such as ChametPoppoTango Live, and Vone, which offer varied audiences and monetization methods. Agencies interested in discovering and promoting new talents are encouraged to explore these apps, adapting their strategies to meet specific requirements and maximize streamers’ potential. You are invited to take the initiative and delve into the world of live streaming to succeed in this digital marketplace.

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