Chamet Agency Registration and Management

Welcome to the comprehensive guide to becoming a partner agency with Chamet, the popular streaming app where the talent of diverse streamers from around the world shines every day. On this page, you’ll discover everything you need to know to start and manage your Chamet agency, from the registration process to the intricate management of your hosts’ day-to-day activities. In addition to learning how to invite and manage new agents, we’ll unveil the secrets to maximizing your commissions and provide you with exclusive tools for financial management. Keep reading to explore this exciting path and take your first steps towards success as a Chamet agent.

Steps to Register Chamet Agency

Welcome to Chamet: The platform where talent shines. We are looking for talented streamer hosts from all over the world.

Details About the Registration Process: To get started, follow these steps:

  1. Agency Information: Provide your agency’s details in the registration form.
  2. Verification: Secure your account with a simple verification process.
  3. Confirmation: Receive your confirmation and begin managing your agency.

Click on the “Chamet Agency Registration” button and follow the detailed instructions to complete your registration.

After you sign up, familiarize yourself with the New Chamet policy. Here you will find all the updated information about commissions and daily payments.

How to Log In to the Agency

Once you have completed the registration process, access to the Chamet Control Panel is just a few steps away. Here you can keep a detailed track of your hosts and all the agency’s operations.

Steps to Log In:

  1. Access to the Panel: Navigate to the Agency Management Panel provided by Chamet.
  2. User Credentials: Enter your username and password into the respective fields to log in.

If you can’t remember your password, select the “Forgot My Password” option to regain access to your account.

Once inside the panel, you will be able to monitor the statistics of your hosts, manage your finances, and much more. This panel is your operations center as a Chamet agent, designed to facilitate the efficient management of your agency.

Comprehensive Management of the Agency in Chamet

Chamet understands the importance of effective and transparent management of streaming agencies. That’s why we offer a comprehensive management system that makes it easier to administer and track your daily activities. Below, you will find an overview of the key modules that will help you manage your agency efficiently.

  1. My Profile: Your personal dashboard where you can update your information, manage your contact methods and payments, and review your weekly commissions. It’s the first step to personalize your experience with Chamet.
  2. List of Members and Hostesses: Here you can monitor the activity and performance of your streamers and agents. A key space to keep track of all your members and their contribution to the agency.
  3. Daily Reports: Daily reports provide you with an up-to-date view of the earnings of your hosts and sub-agents, allowing you to adjust your strategies to maximize performance and profits.
  4. Payment Settlement: In the Settlement module, you will receive detailed information about commissions and payments. This is a valuable resource for keeping your accounting up to date and ensuring financial transparency.
  5. Notifications: Keep up-to-date with the latest updates and important announcements from Chamet. It’s crucial to ensure that your agency and your streamers are informed about the latest news and changes.
  6. New Reporting Module: With the introduction of the “Report” module, the commitment to a safe community is reaffirmed. Here you can report any suspicious or inappropriate activity, contributing to the well-being and integrity of the platform.

Add Hosts and Invite New Agents in Chamet

Chamet is pleased to offer you a robust and easy-to-use system to increase your agency’s presence on our platform. Below we provide you with a step-by-step guide on how you can invite hosts and agents, ensuring you grow your network and maximize your income.

Integration of New Hosts

The success of your agency depends on the constant incorporation of new hostesses. Chamet has simplified this process to make it quick and effective, allowing you to add new talents and take advantage of the unique skills that each one can bring.

Agent Invitation Methods:

Direct Invitation Method:

  • Visit your agency dashboard – Select the “Share” option to generate a unique invite link.
  • Send the link: Provide this link to the desired host to register with Chamet, linking their phone number or Gmail account, and begin their journey on the platform.
Link button to add hosts to Chamet
Invite new hosts to the Chamet community

Manual Host Incorporation:

  • Identity Confirmation: Ask the potential host to confirm her phone number or Gmail along with her Chamet ID visible on her profile.
  • Use the ‘Add’ Button: Add the host’s user ID to your management panel.
    1. Access a Host List from the side menu.
    2. Click the “Add” button at the top of the hostess list to open the interface of adding a new host.
    3. Enter the host ID and required details, such as phone number or linked Gmail, Confirm the information by clicking the “Confirm” button.

New Functionality for Agents with Commission >= 5%:

For agents who enjoy a commission of 5% or more, Chamet offers an additional option to match hostesses through the ‘And’ app. The steps are:

Make sure your contact information is up to date and your avatar uploaded to the dashboard.

Use the “Add New Hostess” option from the “Hostess List” to send an invitation.

In our dashboard, find and share the ‘And’ app link with the host so she can download and activate the app within 48 hours.

Instructions for After Submitting the Linking Request:

  1. Confirmation in the Chamet App: The host must log into the Chamet app and locate the “My Earnings” option in her profile.
  2. Hostess Assistant: Within “My Earnings”, she must select “Hostess Assistant” where she will find the pending linking request.
  3. Acceptance of Request: To complete the process, the host must review the details of the invitation and select “Agree” to confirm her association with her agency.

Important note:

  • The new functionality to match hosts through the ‘And’ app is available only to agents with a commission rate of 5% or higher.

Recruiting New Agents

Recruiting new agents is as critical as integrating hostesses. Chamet provides you with an invitation link that you can share to attract more people to the opportunity of joining Chamet as agents.

Advantages of Adding New Agents

To invite new agents to Chamet, you can use the invitation link provided on the agency’s homepage. This link allows you to copy, send, or share to invite others to create a new Chamet agency. Additionally, in the sub-agents list, you can view the agencies that you have invited.

Invite link button to recruit agents in Chamet
Join as a Chamet agent and expand your network

Benefits of Inviting New Agents

  • Earn commissions from the profits of the agencies you invite.
  • Benefit from the experience and knowledge of each new agent to enhance your agency’s offerings.
  • Create a collaboration network that encourages growth and innovation within your agency.


By inviting hostesses and agents, your agency benefits from a broader network and increased earning potential. Chamet is designed to support you at every step of this process, providing an intuitive system that makes managing and expanding your business in the streaming industry efficient. Go ahead and transform your agency into a hub of success and collaboration on Chamet!

Commission Structure for Agents in Chamet

Maximize your income as an agent in Chamet with a tiered commission structure. Below, we present a table summarizing the commission rates according to the total earnings over a 30-day period:

Chamet Commission Table – View the earnings schedule and commission rates available to agents based on monthly performance. Stay informed and optimize your strategies to maximize your income.

Important Considerations:

  • Commission rates are not cumulative and are recalculated every 30 days based on the total earnings of the last period.
  • If you do not reach a minimum of USD 500 in earnings during those 30 days, the commission rate will be 0%.
  • Chamet values effort and continuous commitment, encouraging agents to maintain consistent and strategic activity to maximize their benefits.

It is vital to implement proactive strategies to regularly increase your commissions and take advantage of the reward system that Chamet offers. Plan, act, and grow with Chamet!

Withdrawal Method Setup for Agents in Chamet

As a Chamet agent, it’s essential to properly set up your withdrawal method. The MetWallet system provides a secure and efficient solution for managing your commissions and payments. Below, we’ll show you how to link your MetWallet account with Chamet and start receiving your earnings.

  1. Access Your Profile: Log in to the Chamet Agency Management System and select “My Profile.”
  2. MetWallet Account: Look for the “MetWallet Account” section in your profile.
  3. Link Your Wallet: Click on “Bind Wallet” to start the linking process with MetWallet.
  4. Create/Register Your Account: If you do not already have a MetWallet account, you will need to create one following the steps indicated.
  5. Complete the Linking: Once you have created your MetWallet account, link it to your Chamet agent profile to receive payments.

Benefits of Using MetWallet with Chamet

  • Speed and Security: MetWallet is known for its fast and secure online transactions.
  • Ease of Use: A straightforward interface for efficient management of your earnings.
  • Timely Payments: Chamet makes the payments through MetWallet, ensuring punctuality and transparency.

Guide Page for Chamet Hosts

If you’re an agency looking for guidance on Chamet and your streamer hosts, you can get tips and recommendations to make the most of your experience as an agency. Visit the following page for more information about Chamet Streamers by clicking the button below:

Frequently Asked Questions about Chamet Agency

Below, you will find answers to the most common questions about agency management in Chamet. Use the links to jump directly to the answer you need:

  1. How can I start my agency on Chamet?
  2. What are the advantages of inviting new agents to my Chamet agency?
  3. What is the commission structure for agents in Chamet?
  4. How do I set up my payment method as an agent on Chamet?
  5. Where can I find resources to effectively manage my hosts on Chamet?
  1. How can I start my agency on Chamet?

    To launch your Chamet agency, complete our simple registration form. Once you have entered your details and created your account, you will have full access to our agency control panel, allowing you to start recruiting hosts right away. Registration form link

  2. What are the advantages of inviting new agents to my Chamet agency?

    By recruiting new agents, you will expand your network and increase your income opportunities. Each new agent brings a wealth of experience and knowledge that can be valuable for the collective growth and success of your agency.

  3. What is the commission structure for agents in Chamet?

    At Chamet, commissions for agents vary between 5% and 30% of the earnings from the hosts and subagents you recruit. This percentage is based on the total earnings accumulated over the last 30 days and is recalculated monthly to reflect your most recent performance.

  4. How do I set up my payment method as an agent on Chamet?

    Setting up your payment method is an easy process. Access the “My Profile” section within the agency management panel and link your MetWallet account. Thus, Chamet will automatically send you your commissions when you exceed $10 daily. Detailed instructions for payment settings

  5. Where can I find resources to effectively manage my hosts on Chamet?

    If you need further guidance, we have prepared a detailed page with resources and tips for managing your streamers. Discover strategies, marketing tips, and much more to empower your agency. Link to the host guide

Conclusion: Forging Your Own Success in Streaming with Chamet

Embracing your role as an agency in Chamet through AgencyStreamers is to open yourself up to a world of possibilities and autonomy in the streaming sphere. Here, growth and success are the fruits of your personal vision and effort.

By managing your agency and mastering the control panel, you will have all the necessary tools to influence and prosper economically. Inviting new agents means expanding your network on your own terms, and competitive commissions are an incentive to continue innovating and expanding.

MetWallet simplifies financial management, giving you the freedom to focus on growth strategies while enjoying the comfort of a secure and efficient payment platform.

And for those who wish to delve deeper into the mastery of streamer management, our dedicated page for Chamet streamers is full of valuable resources. Explore best practices and strategic tips that will power your agency to the top.

AgencyStreamers invites you to explore Chamet and to discover how your passion for streaming can become a prosperous career. Build your agency, nurture stars, and revolutionize the world of live entertainment. The stage is yours!

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