Becoming a Zeeplive Application Streamer

Requirements to be a Zeeplive application streamer

Generate income through gifts or video calls; Zeeplive is a live streaming application where streamers can chat with new friends face-to-face in a live video call or through text messages. To be a streamer in the Zeeplive application, it is important to meet certain requirements. Firstly, only adult women are allowed to work as streamers in the application, regardless of their country of origin. Additionally, the application can only be used and downloaded on phones with Android 5.1 or later versions. It is important to note that you can work as a streamer either through an agency or independently. We hope these requirements help you start your experience as a streamer on Zeeplive!

Zeeplive application

Association of the streamer with an authorized agency

First of all, you must Download the Zeeplive application and start registering your account. We recommend registering through the Gmail option or the option that allows you to link to an agency. Add your name or nickname as you want users to find you, your date of birth, and your gender (remember that to work you must be female). Then provide the ID of the agency you are going to link to. In case you want to link with us, add this number 441308564 in the option (Agency ID).

Registration and association of the streamer of the Zeeplive application with an authorized agency.

Verify the association with your agency

After successful registration, we recommend that you go to the menu that says (My Agency) to verify that you are linked to an agency. If this is your case, the name of the agency you are associated with will appear; if not, you will see a button to add the agency and you can associate from there. Remember to add this number if you are joining us 441308564 (Agency ID).

Verify the association with your agency

Earning opportunities

If you are interested in receiving a salary through the application, make sure to meet specific conditions, such as being live for at least 4 hours per day. The application process for this is detailed in the terms and conditions, which include providing your full name, user ID, and a sample video. Once approved, you can start receiving income, the precise details of which are found in the salary table.

Earning opportunities from Zeeplive app

Live streaming and income generation

Once you are on the homepage, you will have the possibility to do live streaming, as well as access other features such as the party room, messages, and notifications. In your profile, you can see your balance and learn how to top up or withdraw your earnings. The withdrawal process involves linking your phone number and providing your bank account details.

Video call price table

Each video call received by the streamer will earn her beans according to her level, every 720 beans = 1$

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