Complete Guide to Withdraw Your Income from Chamet

Have you won “Beans” on Chamet and don’t know how to convert them into real money? Don’t worry, here we bring you the step-by-step process to withdraw your earnings using MetWallet in a practical and secure way.

If you are a Chamet streamer, begin by downloading the “And” app, accessible from the following link. Install it on your smartphone and follow the usual installation process until you’re able to open the application.

Once you’re inside the “And” app, choose the option that corresponds to the way you registered your Chamet account. If you used Gmail, select that option; or if you used your phone number, choose that alternative. Then select your country and enter your phone number to receive a code that will allow you to access the application. There, you’ll be able to see and manage your earnings.

Remember that upon logging in, you can use the verification method by either code or password. Use your usual Chamet password to sign in.

Starting Your Adventure with MetWallet

If you’re new to MetWallet and need to set it up, follow these steps. You can register using your email or phone number.

Instructions for opening an account on MetWallet
Complete Guide to Withdraw Your Income from Chamet 6

Verifying Your MetWallet Account

Verifying your account is essential. You can choose between three levels of verification, each with its respective withdrawal limit. For an unrestricted experience, at least semi-complete verification is suggested.

  • Basic Level: $50 limit per day
  • Semi-verified: $5,000 limit per day
  • Fully Verified: $10,000 limit per day
Steps for account verification on MetWallet
Complete Guide to Withdraw Your Income from Chamet 7

Linking Your Bank Account to MetWallet

With MetWallet, there’s a withdrawal method for everyone, no matter your location. Options include bank transfers, e-wallets, and cryptocurrencies. Below, we indicate how to add a withdrawal method.

How to link a bank account to MetWallet
Complete Guide to Withdraw Your Income from Chamet 8

What Type of Bank Account to Select?

You will encounter two options: checking accounts (Cuentas corrientes) and savings accounts (Cuentas de ahorros). Choose according to the type of account you have.

Setting Up Your Payment Password in MetWallet

The MetWallet payment password must be 6 digits long and is used to authorize withdrawals. It is a crucial security step that you cannot skip.

Set up payment password on MetWallet
Complete Guide to Withdraw Your Income from Chamet 9

Frequently Asked Questions: Chamet and MetWallet

Is it safe to withdraw money from Chamet?

Withdrawing your earnings is safe and reliable, as long as you follow the proper procedures and your data is correct and up to date on Chamet and MetWallet.

Using Gmail to access “And”

Gmail can facilitate access if that’s how you registered your Chamet account.

Issues with not receiving a code

If you’re having trouble receiving the code when entering the “And” app, verify your number and signal coverage. As a last resort, contact Chamet support.

Appropriate Level of Verification on MetWallet

Opt for at least semi-complete verification for better flexibility when withdrawing funds.

Type of Bank Account to Link

Both checking and savings accounts are acceptable on MetWallet. Select according to the nature of your account at the bank.

Withdrawing Earnings to Cryptocurrencies

Use cryptocurrencies like USDT to efficiently withdraw your earnings at a low commission cost.

Platforms for USDT Address

Binance is recommended for obtaining a secure USDT deposit address.

Importance of Payment Password

An essential security measure for withdrawals from your MetWallet wallet.

Changing Withdrawal Method

You can change your withdrawal method in MetWallet by following the configuration in your account.

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