Complete Vone Agency Registration Guide: Start Earning Today

Steps to register as a Vone agency

Below, we will provide you with a detailed guide on how to become a Vone agency and earn a commission ranging from 4% to 20% for using this innovative application. Vone, a leading app in the industry, is actively seeking new streamers worldwide and has decided to collaborate with agencies to facilitate this process. If you’re interested in registering as an agency and taking advantage of this exciting opportunity, below are the key steps to get started:

  1. First, download the Vone app and create a user account.
  2. Then, complete the form to apply as an agency.
Registration process for Vone agency

How to login to the agency

From the Web:

  1. First, log in to your agency account in the Vone app to copy your user ID.
  2. Go to the following link: Vone Agent login, enter your ID, and follow the steps provided.

From the App

  • Simply log in to your agency account in the Vone app and click on the “Agency” menu.
Vone agency login from the web

Methods for adding streamers to the agency

There are 2 methods to add or link a streamer to your agency.

Method 1

The first method to link the streamer to our agency is simply by telling our host to add our agency ID.

The streamer joins our agency with our agency ID

Method 2

We add the streamer by asking for their user ID and hosting code.

Agent steps to add a Vone host

How to invite new agents

First, log in to the Vone app. Then, select the “Agency” option and choose “Invite agent”. Copy and share your unique invitation link.

Steps to invite new agents to Vone

Benefits of inviting new agents

In Vone, we can take advantage of the agent invitation option to maximize our benefits. By inviting new agencies to join this app, we can earn generous commissions from their earnings. This strategic approach allows us to expand our reach and increase profitability. Additionally, by partnering with more agencies, we can also benefit from increased collaboration. Don’t hesitate to seize this opportunity and grow your agency business in Vone!

Commission rate for Vone agencies

The commission rate for Vone agents ranges from 4% to 20%.

Earning rule

The rules for calculating the agent’s commission rate are explained as follows:

  1. The agent’s commission rate is determined by the total earnings in the last 30 days. This includes the total earnings of the streamer and invited agents but excludes rewards such as tasks and rankings.
  2. The commission is divided into two parts: the host commission rate multiplied by the host performance and the difference between the agency commission rate and the commission rate for invited agents multiplied by the earnings of the invited agent.
  3. The agent’s commission is credited to the points account in real-time.

Vone earnings withdrawal method

Just like streamers, in order to request a withdrawal, you must have a minimum of $10 accumulated and you can withdraw in multiples of 10. In the Vone app, every 10,000 earned points is equivalent to $1 USD.” The available withdrawal methods will depend on the country you are in. To choose the methods, first log in to the app and then look for the option that says “withdraw”.

Vone earnings withdrawal method