Join Tango Live Agency Registration: Benefits of the Partner

Join Tango Live Agency Registration

The Tango Live Partner or Agency Program provides a great opportunity for those who want to enter the live streaming world and monetize their live content. With numerous benefits such as easy monetization, high conversion and retention rates, and flexible earnings, this program offers partners the possibility to generate significant income. In this guide, we will provide detailed information on how to register on Tango Live as an agency, the features of the partner account, and how to grow your network of streamers. Take note of all the tips and strategies to make the most out of this platform and achieve success on Tango Live.

Benefits of the Partner or Agency Program

  • Simple and Easy Monetization: The Tango Smart Gifts system is unique, as viewer gifts contribute money to the streamers.
  • Partners earn at least 10% of their streamers’ earnings, and payments are made on a monthly basis.
  • As a broadcaster, you can earn up to 55% of the donations. Each payment is made once it reaches a balance of 5000 diamonds ($25 USD).
  • Flexible Commission Earning: We offer flexible options that cater to any type of affiliate marketing, such as Revenue Share, CPC, CPI, CPA, and CPS. We are also happy to provide each partner with unique and personalized conditions based on their capabilities.
  • High Conversion and Retention Rates: Over 35% of all streams last for more than 60 minutes, with average earnings for streamers ranging from $25 to $40 per hour. The longer the streamer goes live, the higher their earnings.

How to Register

Registering for an agency or partner account only takes a couple of minutes:

  1. Access the registration link here.
  2. Fill out your contact information and specify your Payoneer account ID, as this is how you will receive your payments.

If you don’t have a Payoneer account, we suggest creating one in advance using this link.

Do you want more information about the tango agency and social program? Visit their official site Tango for Business

Once you have submitted the registration form, we will automatically verify your information so you can access your account. Log in and get a unique referral link to invite your streamers. When they register using this link, they will be instantly connected to your account, which means your earnings will be tracked and linked to you as well.

Features of the Agency Account

Your Tango Live agency account provides access to tools for managing your earnings and referrals. A user-friendly interface and informative dashboards allow you to view detailed statistics of your activities and the actions of your referrals at any time and in real-time. Among the features of your account are:

  • Information on the number of clicks and registrations with your link, to analyze conversion rates and compare figures across different time periods.
  • Full control over the process of acquiring new referrals.
  • Comparison of earnings received from referrals over time, based on the time period and activities, to help them earn even more.
  • Creation and download of customized reports with dozens of metrics in a convenient format.

Growing Your Network of Streamers

You can maximize your earnings by advising and supporting your streamers. Some recommendations for growing your network include:

  • Inform your streamers to find the most profitable time for their streams. In the first few weeks, it’s best to start streaming between 7:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. GMT, as most top streamers are not streaming during that time, making it easier to gain a loyal audience.
  • Once your referrals gain experience and an initial audience, they can start streaming at different times to attract new fans. Remember that Tango Live is used by people in different time zones, so finding the best time for their streams is important to maximize earnings.
  • Encourage your streamers to offer diverse and engaging content. From dancing, music, talks, sports, and gaming to cooking, pets, and singing, the possibilities are endless. Streamers should constantly seek and try new forms of entertainment to attract more viewers.
  • Encourage your streamers to create accounts on social media platforms like TwitterInstagram, and TikTok. This will allow them to attract and retain external fans, expanding their follower base and gifts. They can also use social media to post photos and videos, share happy moments, and promote their Tango Live account.
  • Organize competitions and contests for your streamers. These events are an excellent opportunity to significantly increase their earnings and expand their fan base. Stay updated on Tango Live contests and encourage your streamers to participate in them.

Remember that audience engagement, respect for viewers, and the use of automated tools are key elements in building a strong community of followers and getting a positive response from them. Additionally, consider the possibility of hosting private streams and leveraging the creative features of Tango Live to constantly engage your followers.

Work closely with your streamers and provide continuous support to help them achieve success on Tango Live!