Penalties and Regulations in Live Streaming Applications

Penalties in Live Streaming Applications: Live streaming applications have strict policies in place to maintain safe and respectful environments for users. One of the most common consequences of inappropriate behavior, such as pornographic or vulgar content, is the application of penalties. These can include an immediate ban on live streaming by the broadcaster and, in more serious cases, the possibility of permanent account closure. It is important to highlight that these measures are taken to protect the community and promote a positive and offensive-free environment. Some of the applications that implement these auditing standards include Chamet, Poppo LiveCandyVone, and Tango Live.

Rules and Regulations for Streamers

  • Pornography (example of violations) definition of public pornographic photo: nudity, showing sexual organs, or wearing see-through clothes.
Streamer work regulations
  • Vulgarity (Examples of Violations) Placing hands/rubbing chest.
Regulaciones y reglas streamer
  • Vulgarity (Examples of Violations) Exposing mid-body/full body with excessive exposed area.
Directrices de trabajo de streamer
  • Vulgarity (Examples of Violations) Sex toys/Sexy lingerie.
Normas y regla de trabajo streamer
  • Vulgarity (Examples of Violations) Focusing on private/sensitive parts.
Normas y Regulaciones de Streamers

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