Poppo Live App Guide: Be a Star Streamer & Host

An Ultimate Guide to Jump-Starting Your Journey with Poppo Live

Whether you aspire to charm and connect with a broader audience or aim to monetize your social interactions, the world of live streaming offers ample opportunities. With Poppo Live, a leading livestream platform, you can transcend boundaries and transform into an acclaimed host, enthralling viewers and earning at your pace. This introductory guide is specially crafted to navigate you through the initial steps of becoming a Poppo Live Streamer and Host, ensuring you make the most out of the app’s robust features. Let’s embark on this exhilarating venture and tap into the realm where your charisma meets technology, ultimately establishing you as a celebrated Poppo Live Host.

Steps to Become a Poppo Live App Host

Hello! If you’re aiming to establish yourself as a Poppo Live Streamer and Host, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will walk you through the process of setting up your Poppo Live hostess profile so you can stream and engage with audiences. Download the Poppo Live app, register, and connect with an agency by following these steps closely!

Requirements: You need to be a woman, of legal age, and have a smartphone (Android or iOS).

To kick off your journey as a Poppo Live Hostess, click on this link to download Poppo Live, or find it in your smartphone’s app store.

Upon installing the app, register using your Gmail, Facebook, or phone number. While any of these methods will suffice, signing up with your phone number is preferable. Once you log in to Poppo, adhere to the instructions in the image below:

  1. Select My Agency.
  2. Input the Agent ID: *****
  3. Tap on Please enter agent ID.
Steps to join the agency with a poppo live Agent ID
Poppo Live App Guide: Be a Star Streamer & Host 4

You’ve now successfully set up your account and linked it to the agency! Next, upload a profile image, complete facial recognition verification, and start your career as a Poppo Live app streamer.

Authenticating Your Poppo Live Streamer Account

  1. Authentication
  2. Face authentication and phone association: Should you have used a different method to register, link a phone number at this stage.
  3. Photo Upload and Certification: Upload your profile photo and finish the certification steps.
Steps to Authenticate the Poppo Live app Streamer App Account
Poppo Live App Guide: Be a Star Streamer & Host 5

Salary as a Poppo Live app hostess

Hostesses can earn through various activities on Poppo:

  • Invitations: Earn up to $14 USD when your invited friends pass facial authentication and fulfill necessary tasks.
  • Voice Chat: Hostesses can set their rates, potentially earning 1,400 points per minute for voice calls with male users.
  • Text Chat: Receive 7 points for each message you’re sent.
  • Gifts: Gain 7,000 points for each present from male users.

Conversion chart for points to USD:

Withdrawing Your Earnings as a Poppo Live Hostess

Key information on withdrawing your earnings from Poppo:

  • Convert every 10,000 points into $1 USD.
  • The minimum withdrawal sum is $10 USD – and should be in multiples of 10.
  • Withdraw at your convenience upon amassing 100,000 points, i.e., $10 USD.

Poppo Live Streamers can withdraw independently of any agency. Follow these steps:

Steps to set up the Poppo Live app withdrawal method
Poppo Live App Guide: Be a Star Streamer & Host 6
  1. Remove
  2. Add a withdrawal method
  3. Associate your chosen method, with Binance, Epay, USDT-TRC20, Payoneer, and Bank Cards being common options, though availability may vary by country. (BNB Smart Chain (BEP20) is recommended for its low fees and swift transactions.)

Note: Your Pcoins contribute to overall earnings, which is a mix of 30% Pcoins and 70% Points, amounting to 100%.

Tasks for Poppo Live Streamers and Hostesses

The Poppo app provides a structured approach to task earnings, dependent on the streamer’s level.

Rule: A streamer’s daily task reward is based on their past 7 days of total earnings from live streaming, including Join Party and Watch Live revenues but excluding platform bonuses.

Earnings by Level:

Rules for New Hostesses on Poppo Live app

As a new Poppo Live hostess, enjoy earning 10,000 points per hour for 2 hours daily over a 7-day period.


  • All rewards are in Points; each 10,000 Points equates to $1 USD.
  • Earnings calculation includes income from live sessions and Join Party/Watch Live.
  • Task rewards for a period can only be claimed once.
  • Multiple account registrations or multiple IP/device use can result in a logout.


What is the Level of Wealth and Transmission in Poppo?

Wealth level in Poppo reflects the total coins earned and invested in-app. As a Poppo Live hostess, the more you accumulate, the higher your wealth level. The transmission level indicates the total points a Poppo Live app streamer has from streaming activities.

How Do I Initiate My Poppo Live Hostess Account?

To initiate your journey as a Poppo Live Hostess, simply download the ‘Poppo’ app from your smartphone’s app store, create your hostess profile using your preferred registration method, and get started!

Is Poppo Exclusively for Female Live Streamers?

Poppo primarily caters to women keen on hosting streams, but it’s open to men who meet certain criteria.

Exiting an Agency on Poppo Live

Leaving an agency on Poppo depends on how long you’ve been registered. Within the first 7 days, it’s straightforward; otherwise, wait for agency approval post-withdrawal request.

Understanding Poppo Live’s Functionality

Poppo Live provides a dynamic platform for real-time streaming, interaction, and privacy. Begin your Poppo Live streaming adventure today!


In wrapping up our guide, we see that Poppo Live app is a flourishing and profitable arena for hostesses eager to delve into the live streaming world. Equipped with the strategies and insights from our guide, you’re ready to begin an exciting endeavor with confidence.

If you’re looking to become a Poppo Live Host, it’s essential to focus on crafting a captivating profile, completing all necessary verifications, and mastering the financial aspects, including how to earn and withdraw funds. Your rise to prominence on this platform will be a testament to your dedication, regular activity, and the relationships you nurture with your viewers.

Should you possess the entrepreneurial itch to guide a team of talented live streamers, Poppo Live extends the perfect opportunity to start your own agency. Propel yourself into the future of live entertainment by assembling and overseeing a team of charismatic hostesses. With comprehensive backing from Poppo Live, you’ll have everything you need to launch a thriving agency.

Click here to learn more about poppo live agency registration and start your journey to becoming a beacon for emerging talent, guiding them towards a thriving live streaming career. Your critical role as an agency owner does not go unnoticed; Poppo Live rewards you for your hosts’ active participation and achievements.

Whether you’re setting out as a Poppo Live Host or you’re ready to dive into the role of an agency operator, Poppo Live stands as your portal to fame, community-building, and financial success. Register now and take the first step towards a memorable and rewarding adventure in live streaming.