Guide to Earning and Engaging as a Chamet App Streamer and Hostess

Introduction to Chamet Live Video Streaming and Hosting App

The Chamet app is a state-of-the-art live video streaming and hosting platform that offers individuals across the globe a chance to connect and engage in meaningful conversations. If the thought of becoming a streamer and host on Chamet has intrigued you, this app creates exceptional opportunities for making friends, immersing yourself in various cultures, and earning through social interaction. With real-time translation features, you’ll conquer linguistic barriers and engage with a wide-ranging audience. Ready to embark on the thrilling journey with Chamet? Register now and start your streamer and hosting experience!

Eager to initiate your hosting and streaming career? Become a streamer and host on Chamet and luxuriate in the autonomy of remote work with this leading online video chat app. Sign up and begin your journey in hosting and streaming!

Become a Streamer and Hostess on Chamet App

Aspiring Chamet streamers and hosts must exhibit dedication and fulfill certain criteria. Female streamers and hosts aged 18 years or above with an Android device can join by downloading the Chamet app from the Google Play Store and ensuring they have a stable internet connection. It is recommended that hosts commit to at least 3 hours daily over four days a week to achieve optimal outcomes and earnings.

Partnering with a Chamet Agency

Your initial step to becoming a triumphant Chamet streamer and host is to complete the agency binding form. Use your agency’s invitation link to associate your account either with Gmail or a Phone number.

Agency link for streamers and hosts in the Chamet app
Guide to Earning and Engaging as a Chamet App Streamer and Hostess 7

1) Email Association

Instructions: Input your email address, pass the reCAPTCHA challenge, and authenticate with a code sent to your email to kick off your Chamet streamer and hosting career smoothly.

2) Phone Association

Instructions: Select your country code and phone number, undergo the reCAPTCHA challenge, and confirm with a verification code sent to your mobile to finalize your streamer and hosting account setup.

Ways to join streamers and hosts with the Chamet app agency
Guide to Earning and Engaging as a Chamet App Streamer and Hostess 8

Continue your Chamet app registration using the same method (Email or Phone) you chose previously.

Install the Chamet App

Once the app is installed and registration is complete, reach out to your agency to verify your link. Provide your Chamet User ID along with the email or phone utilized for sign-up as needed. Go to “My Earnings” then “Host Assistant” to manually approve the agency connection request.

Note: Avoid starting your hosting and streaming sessions until your agency link is affirmed to ensure proper accreditation for your activities.

Confirm association and activation with the Chamet agency
Guide to Earning and Engaging as a Chamet App Streamer and Hostess 9

Critical Account Setup for Chamet Streamers and Hostesses

For a seamless Chamet streamer and hosting experience and to manage your earnings’ withdrawal smoothly, your account setup should include:

  1. Earnings Tracking: Review your performance in the “My Earnings” section.
  2. Withdrawals: Utilize “My Wallet” to manage funds transfer.
  3. Withdrawal Protocols: A functional phone number and facial verification are crucial, alongside configuring MetWallet, For more information visit our Guide to withdraw your income from Chamet. All components should display a green check upon completion.
Guide for Chamet streamer and host account setup
Guide to Earning and Engaging as a Chamet App Streamer and Hostess 10

Chamet’s Online Help for Streamers and Hosts

Chamet offers a chatbot service, tremendously valuable for new streamers and hosts getting familiar with the app’s functionalities and processes.

  1. Access the message menu and select “My Earnings”.
  2. Engage with the “Online Help” chatbot.
  3. Present any inquiries or issues to Chamet’s AI for swift resolution.
Utilizing Chamet app's help service for streamers and hosts
Guide to Earning and Engaging as a Chamet App Streamer and Hostess 11

For more complex issues, contacting your agency directly for expert support is advisable.

Monetizing as a Chamet Live Streamer and Hostess

Uncover the varied ways to earn as a Chamet streamer and host, with the app’s monetary system where 10,000 beans represent $1 USD. Accumulate beans through:

  1. Paid Video Calls: Provide your streaming and hosting services for as much as 6,000 beans per minute, increasing alongside your level.
  2. Random Matches: Engage with random matches to ensure a consistent influx of beans.
  3. Gifts: Accept gifts while live streaming and hosting to instantaneously boost your bean count.
  4. Events: Enter contests run by the app for additional opportunities to earn beans.

Streamers’ and Hosts’ Earnings and Payment Schedule on Chamet

Chamet adopts a weekly payout system for streamers and hosts, with a minimum threshold of $10 needed to initiate a withdrawal.

Review of earnings takes place weekly, with payout processes usually completed by Wednesday morning.

Advantages of Various Streamer and Host Levels

As you advance your streamer and host level on Chamet, not only can you enhance your video call rates, but also increase your prospective earnings. Each level grants specific benefits and potential for income growth.

Personalizing Your Service Rates

To tailor your rate structure as you advance through the levels, simply:

  1. Go to “My Earnings”.
  2. Adjust the “Chat Price” and “Video Call Price” sections accordingly.
Configuring video call rates for Chamet streamers and hosts
Guide to Earning and Engaging as a Chamet App Streamer and Hostess 12

Conduct and Guidelines for Chamet App Streamers and Hosts

To ensure a safe and respectful environment for all our users, we will implement strict measures to address any violation that includes vulgar content. We urge streamers and hosts to review and remove any inappropriate content, such as revealing cleavage, obscene language, seductive poses, sexual insinuations, and explicit nudity, from their moments, profiles, and live streams. We ask that you make this correction within the next 6 hours. Any subsequent related content or behavior identified may result in a permanent ban and could lead to deductions from your salary and agency commission.

We have attached some examples of violations so that streamers can identify similar content and remove it in a timely manner.

Conduct and Guidelines for Chamet App Streamers and Hosts
Guide to Earning and Engaging as a Chamet App Streamer and Hostess 13

Chamet always strives to promote a safe and healthy environment. For this reason, it has established new policies for live broadcasts. Streamers must avoid lying on a bed or showing a bed in the background during the stream. Inappropriate actions should also be avoided, such as sticking out the tongue, touching the chest, spreading the legs excessively, or showing nipples through clothing. We remind you that if these rules are repeatedly violated, the account may be banned.

To the users of Chamet App, we inform you that from now on, only the first 3 minutes of the video chat between both parties will be considered a public scene. During this initial stage, we will use artificial intelligence to detect any sexual nudity. If sexual nudity is detected, the call will be automatically cut off and, in case of repeated infractions, the feature will be disabled. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation to ensure the safety and quality of the content on our platform.


Is Chamet offered for iPhone users?

Currently, Chamet caters exclusively to Android users.

How does the Chamet app compensate streamers and hosts?

Chamet remunerates its streamers and hosts with gold beans, which can be converted into real currency.

Is Chamet a secure platform?

Chamet provides a secure environment for its financial transactions. However, it’s imperative to ensure your account setup is correct to avoid discrepancies.

What are Chamet’s gifts and diamonds?

Gifts within Chamet hold monetary value; diamonds function as the app’s expenditure currency for users.

What does the feedback say?

Mostly, the feedback from users commends Chamet for its user-friendly interface and broad networking possibilities.


Embarking on a journey with the Chamet Live Video Streaming and Hosting App opens up a world of interactivity, cultural exchange, and the potential for monetary reward. This comprehensive guide is designed to assist aspiring streamers and hosts in familiarizing themselves with the app’s array of features, aiding them in building a robust online presence. As individuals invest in their Chamet careers, it is crucial they adhere to community standards to maintain a secure and engaging platform for all participants.

For agencies aiming to collaborate with Chamet app and recruit fresh talent, the opportunities are extensive. By forging a partnership with Chamet, agencies can tap into an expanding marketplace to cultivate streamers and hosts, guiding these talents towards achieving their aspirations and enhancing their visibility in the live streaming niche.

Agencies interested in enrolling with Chamet to support and mentor new streaming individuals are encouraged to integrate into this thriving community. Embarking on a potentially lucrative association begins with the agency’s registration on Chamet, thereby contributing to the evolution of live video streaming and hosting.

Collectively, agencies and Chamet can unlock unprecedented opportunities and craft memorable streaming experiences for audiences across the globe.