Become a Poppo Coin Seller and Maximize Your Profits

Are you interested in becoming a Poppo Coin Seller? Here you will find all the requirements and privileges you need to start your journey to success. Discover how to become an official coin seller for Poppo and take advantage of the profit opportunities this role offers.

Becoming a Poppo Coin Seller

Poppo is hiring official coin sellers with significant benefits for the seller. By selling coins to users, you can earn profits of up to 10% – 21%. When selling coins to agents, you can make a profit of up to 7% – 14%.

Additionally, as a coin seller, you will receive the following privileges:

  • Support for sending messages with numbers and photos.
  • An exclusive Coin Seller logo on your profile. This symbol will identify you and allow users to recognize you.
  • Your profile will be displayed in the recharge section, allowing users to contact you directly on the recharge page.
Exclusive poppo coin seller logo

Requirements to become a Coin Seller

To become a Coin Seller for Poppo, you first need to meet certain requirements. One of them is to have a user account in the Poppo app (if you don’t have one, you can download the app and sign up) and an agent account (if you don’t have one, apply to become a poppo agent in the provided form or visit our agencies in Poppo page for all registration information). Once you have this ready, you must meet one of the following two conditions:

  1. Have a minimum of 5 active hosts: To be considered as a Coin Seller, you need to have at least 5 active hosts. An active host refers to a weekly live user or a party of no less than 6 hours. This demonstrates your ability to generate activity and attract a committed audience.
  2. Recharge or exchange coins for an equivalent value of 2000 USD in a single transaction: In addition to active hosts, you must also recharge or exchange coins for a minimum value of 2000 USD in a single transaction. These coins must be stored in your agent coin account.

Once you have met one of these requirements, you will be ready to become a coin seller for Poppo and take advantage of all the opportunities this role offers.

Advantages of being a Coin Seller

In addition to increasing your popularity as a user within the Poppo app, becoming a coin seller will also increase your wealth level. It also gives you more opportunities to increase your profits. In this post, you should know how the popularity of the Poppo app is increasing and how agencies can harness its power to increase their revenue. One of the most effective ways is by selling coins.

As a Coin Seller, you have the ability to sell coins and increase your profits in a range from 10% to 30% of your current earnings. This can be an excellent way to diversify your income sources and maximize your benefits on the Poppo platform.

How the coin selling process works

We receive many questions about how exactly the coin selling process works. In a recent post, we have explained each step and how you can make the most of this option. Here we provide a summary:

  1. Access the “Coins trading” option within your Coin Seller account. Click on this option to enter the dedicated interface for coin transactions.
  2. Within the “Coins trading” interface, you have two options: recharge or exchange coins. If you want to recharge coins, you can do so directly from this section. If you prefer to make an exchange, you will also have the option to do so here.
  3. Depending on your needs and goals, you can use different methods to sell your coins. You can convert your points into coins and sell them to other users. You can even make bulk purchases with large agencies and then resell them to other users.
  4. It is important to consider the prices when selling your coins. Within the “Coins trading” option, you will find a table showing the buying and selling prices of coins. Prices vary depending on whether you are an agency or a retail user. Additionally, you will be able to send gifts, recharge coins, and sell them to other users directly from this interface.
“Coins trading” option within your Coin Seller account

Table of coin buying and selling prices

Exchange points for coins:

  • Single purchase < $50: $1 = 9,200 coins
  • Single purchase $50 ≤ N < $1,000: $1 = 9,500 coins
  • Single purchase N ≥ $1,000: $1 = 9,900 coins

Buy coins through Epay:

  • Single purchase < $500: $1 = 9,200 coins
  • Single purchase $500 ≤ N < $2,000: $1 = 9,500 coins
  • Single purchase N ≥ $2,000: $1 = 9,900 coins
Table of coin buying and selling prices

Once you successfully complete a transaction, the agent’s coin account will be increased with the corresponding coins. Please note that cancellation is not allowed after the exchange. For small amount purchases, you should buy from the coin seller. If you have any questions regarding the selling prices of coins to users, please contact the corresponding regional administrator for more information.

How Retail and Wholesale Coin Sales Work on Poppo Live

Trading digital currencies has become increasingly popular, revolutionizing the way transactions are made in our modern world. From the casual individual trader to the granista, the coin ecosystem offers a myriad of opportunities for users looking to transact through a secure platform. The focus of this discussion revolves around the mechanisms of retail coins, wholesale pricing, point sellers, coin purchasing processes, and measures to prevent fraudulent activities.

Advantages of Retail Coins

Retail coins are designed to be easy to use, meeting the needs of individual users. They offer a level of flexibility that paves the way for easy selling, which is advantageous for both agency owners and typical users looking for a hassle-free commerce experience.

  • Retail coins allow any user to easily sell them, benefiting both wholesalers and agency owners.

Wholesale Pricing Strategy

For those looking to trade on a larger scale, wholesale coin prices offer financial benefits. Starting at 8,500 units, various options are offered for those who wish to buy or sell coins in large quantities.

  • Wholesale coin prices start at 8500 units, offering different options for users to buy or sell coins.

Point Seller Process

Understanding the point seller process is crucial within the coin trading ecosystem. Point sellers are vital intermediaries that facilitate the linking of coins for sale throughout the network.

Types of Point Seller

The various categories of point sellers extend their roles to various business capabilities. Retail point sellers, for example, are able to interconnect currencies with agencies, which is critical to executing smooth transactions.

  • There are different levels of points sellers, such as retail points sellers who can link coins with agencies for transactions.

Coin Purchasing Process Explained

Purchasing coins through an application is a simple process full of benefits that scale with the amount of the purchase. The app sheds light on the purchasing steps to ensure that users have complete clarity on how to proceed.

Explaining the Coin Purchasing Process

  • To make a purchase, click “Recharge” and select EPay or USDT.
  • The price list will show the required amount for trend or cryptocurrency forms.
  • Choose suitable options for linking currencies; Labels are essential for sales.
  • Official coin sellers are listed, to become one a weekly purchase of ₹4000 worth of coins is required.

Understanding Transactions

Transactions are the backbone of the coin trading platform, and having a clear understanding of how to initiate contact and understand investment plans is vital for anyone looking to immerse themselves in the world of coin trading.

Contacting Users for Purchases

  • Users can contact each other to purchase coins; Tags are crucial for identification.
  • Minimum investment plans start at ₹8,500; Start buying coins and selling them to reviewers.
  • Instructions for converting points into wallets and transferring them securely.

Currency Conversion Process

A detailed step-by-step on converting points to currencies within an application is essential to ensure the security and integrity of transactions.

Converting Points Safely

  • Click “Exchange”, customize conversion preferences and confirm transactions securely.
  • Demonstration of how to successfully convert a large amount of points into coins.

Preventing Fraudulent Activities

Maintaining a secure trading environment is of utmost importance, and the app emphasizes vigilance to keep fraudulent activities at bay.

Preventing Fraud

  • Avoid fraudulent attempts as the app strictly monitors member activities.

This brief overview serves as an insight into the dynamic world of digital currency trading. From versatile retail coins to large-scale wholesale transactions, every aspect is structured to foster a smooth and secure trading experience. As the community grows and the market evolves, understanding the processes and precautions becomes more significant than ever.

Becoming a Poppo coin seller entails commitment to the platform and meeting the established requirements. However, the benefits and opportunities you will gain as a Coin Seller can be very rewarding.

If you have any additional questions about becoming an official coin seller or how to use this option to your advantage, feel free to leave your comments. We will be happy to provide you with any additional information you may need.

If you are interested, please contact the official for more information at +86 195 1248 2131.

We wish you great success on your journey as a Coin Seller!

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