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Discover how our agency, AgencyStreamers can catapult your career on Tango Live towards success, providing you with tools and strategies to excel as a streamer.

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If you’re already registered on the platform or are about to create your profile on Tango Live, contact us immediately! We need to confirm if you’re already linked with us and to know your broadcasting niche to assist you better. If you’re ready to turn your passion for streaming into an exciting and profitable career, now is your chance! AgencyStreamers invites you to join our agency and start dazzling. In case you’re not yet linked with the agency, we’ll send a request to your Tango Live profile. Therefore, we need you to provide us with the information of your profile on the platform.

Steps to Share Your Tango Live Profile:

1. Open the Tango Live app on your device.
2. Tap the My Account icon to access your personal information.
3. Locate and select the “Share” option. ↪️
4. Choose the method you prefer to share your profile with us (via email, WhatsApp, direct message, etc.).

Cómo aceptar una invitación de la agencia en Tango Live:

  1. Check your notifications, especially the chats icon on Tango Live regularly.
  2. When you receive an agency invitation, select it.
  3. You will read the agency’s terms and what they offer; if you agree, press “Accept”.
  4. Once accepted, you will be officially linked with AgencyStreamers and ready to start.

Do not forget to check that your profile information is up to date before sharing it, and accept the invitation so you can start your streaming career with the support of our agency.

Contact us today via WhatsApp to start your journey as a successful streamer!

Transform your career with the support of experts

Leverage the expertise of streaming professionals to optimize your content and monetization strategies on Tango Live.

Advantages of joining Tango Live

  • Detailed Guide: Algorithm optimization for better visibility.
  • Creative Monetization: Exclusive revenue generation strategies.
  • Income Increase: Tactics to boost earnings in competitive events.

Creating a United Community of Streamers

  • Inspirational and Collaborative Support: Share and learn from other streamers.
  • Exclusive Community Channels: Access to social media groups for idea exchange.

Build Your Path to Success

Develop personalized strategies that will support you in achieving your goals and keep you at the forefront in the world of streaming.

Invest in Your Future with AgencyStreamers

Make a decision for AgencyStreamers and ensure an exciting and prosperous streaming career path. Join today and start building a successful future.

With AgencyStreamers, Your Success is Imminent

Secure a future full of achievements on Tango Live with the help and guidance of AgencyStreamers.

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The requirement to be part of our Tango Live agency is not to be already associated with another agency and not to have a previously registered account on Tango. Remember to register using one of the links that directly sends you to the platform and application.

Discover Tango Live: simple and effective

Explore the ease and effectiveness of using Tango Live to showcase your talent and connect with a global community.

  • Download the app and customize your profile.
  • Interact in real-time with chat and virtual gifts.

Strategies to monetize on Tango Live

Maximize your earnings on Tango Live by using effective methods such as virtual gifts, subscriptions, and premium content.

  1. Receive virtual gifts.
  2. Offer monthly subscriptions.
  3. Create exclusive content.
  4. Referral Program: increase earnings by 10% by inviting friends.
Maximize your earnings with Tango Live's Referral Program.

What compensation does Tango Live offer to streamers?

Learn about the various forms of compensation on Tango Live, primarily through virtual gifts, and the differences between streamer earnings.

Exclusive benefits of using Tango Live

  • Global live connections.
  • Talent showcase.
  • Live chat interactions.
  • Receive virtual gifts as recognition.
  • Participate in events organized by Tango Live.

Tango Live App Regulations

Be aware of Tango Live regulations that ensure a positive and safe environment for all users.

  • Age restriction and adult supervision.
  • Dress code and conduct rules.

The value of diamonds in Tango Live

Learn how diamonds are converted into revenue for streamers on Tango Live, and what their dollar value is.

Diamond to USD conversion table:

The minimum to withdraw is 5,000 diamonds, equivalent to $25 USD.

How to increase your popularity on Tango Live?

Gain popularity on Tango Live by being consistent and authentic, offering original content, and actively engaging with your audience.

  1. Offer quality content.
  2. Maintain active interaction with followers.
  3. Broadcast regularly.
  4. Promote your profile on social media.
  5. Collaborate with other streamers.
  6. Participate in platform events.

Persist and stay true to yourself to stand out on Tango Live.


What is AgencyStreamers?

AgencyStreamers is an agency designed to help broadcasters grow their presence and earnings on the Tango Live streaming platform. We provide tools, strategies, and expert advice to maximize our clients’ success in live streaming.

How can AgencyStreamers help me succeed on Tango Live?

We offer detailed guidance on algorithm optimization for increased visibility, exclusive monetization strategies for income generation, and tactics to earn more from competitive events. Our agency also fosters a collaborative community of streamers for inspiration and support.

What are the requirements to join AgencyStreamers?

To be part of our agency, you must not be associated with another agency and should not have a previously registered Tango Live account. You must also register using one of our provided links to ensure proper affiliation with our agency.

What benefits does Tango Live offer to live streamers?

Tango Live offers an opportunity for global connectivity, showcasing your talent through live broadcasts, and monetizing your content via virtual gifts, subscriptions, premium content, and participation in events.

How do I earn money on Tango Live?

Income on Tango Live is primarily generated through receiving virtual gifts, subscriptions, and premium content. Additionally, you can boost your earnings by 10% via the referral program when you invite friends to join.

What is the value of diamonds on Tango Live?

Diamonds are the virtual currency on Tango Live which can be converted to USD. For example, 5,000 diamonds equal $25, and the minimum withdrawal amount is 5,000 diamonds.

How can I increase my popularity on Tango Live?

To increase popularity, offer quality and authentic content, interact actively with your audience, maintain a regular broadcast schedule, promote your profile on social media, collaborate with others, and participate in platform events.

What are the rules and regulations on Tango Live?

Users must adhere to Tango Live’s rules, including age restrictions, adult supervision for young users, and adherence to dress codes and rules of conduct to maintain a safe and positive environment.

How do I contact AgencyStreamers?

You can contact us directly by clicking on Talk to us to send a message through WhatsApp. We are eager to assist you with your streaming career.

How do I start my journey with AgencyStreamers on Tango Live?

To begin, click on the Join today link to register and become affiliated with our agency, then contact us via WhatsApp to discuss your broadcasting niche and get personalized guidance.